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Music Line: A sight-reading exercise for the piano

4.0 ( 6800 ratings )
Hudební Vzdělávání
Vývojář: Todd Bowden
0.99 USD

MusicLine is a sight-reading exercise for the piano. After play begins, the screen will display a music score with only one note and a partial view of a piano keyboard. The object is to identify the note and tap the correct key on the keyboard. When this is done, the name of the note will flash momentarily on the screen and then another (random) note will appear. Each note so shown will correspond to a key on the part of the keyboard showing. The portion of the keyboard displayed can be changed by sliding the small keyboard slider at the top of the screen. A temporary record of each session is kept on a small red scoreboard on the right of the screen. Middle C on the piano keyboard is marked as 4C. The time interval after a correct key is tapped is adjustable.